The most stupid things in Ikariam that I have found.

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The most stupid things in Ikariam that I have found.

Post  KhamulBrsrk on Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:28 pm

I have one question that I cannot understand.

When we finish Bird's flight, we get gyroscopes or the things that fly, right?

Why would they need a transportation ships to transport flying units?

Flying units should fly to their target and pillage...after the war, the bounty should be picked up by the transportation ships...that will make much more sense.

It is not like aircraft carriers...It would be better to make airplanes actually "fly" in the game, with really fast speed. like 10 island away takes 10 min. and so on.

and make more "Modern but not that modern" units like tanks that were used in WWI or WWII...There is guns man, but there is no tanks or actual "flying" units. Also, how about making more air units? like Dive bombers, Torpedo bombers, fighters, cargo airplanes and such?

gunman also needs variations...come on... Ikariam should me more various than other lame games...this is the best browser game that I have ever played...

O and one more thing, about the OCCUPATION, when you guys are fixing it, can you also put in code that can control their colonies and the military stationed in the colony, if the conqueror takes over one's capital? that would be awesome...

And for corruption, it is TOO much! How would you expect us to handle upgrades on all the colonies? It is almost impossible, unless we have lower building costs or no corruption at all. Coming up with such idea is corrupted!

And for the HELPING HANDS, why it can only gather 1/8 more? Lame...Should be 1/4 or something. It is to much to raise one more resource per hour...upkeep is too clan is having so much trouble with it.

Furthermore, why is military treaty costs too much diplomacy points? I know it is fundamental and need to make clan strong, but still, as a captain, i cannot go war with the general of the clan...Make it 5 points or less, so that we can get more treaties.

The trading ports...why the heck do we need to upgrade 2 levels to increase the distance? That is so wrong! It should be 1 level upgrade = one level up on the distance.

Finally the show combat option during the battle! it is not available yet, then why do you post it up there? It is driving me crazy...It is really tempting!

O and one more, when I am viewing trading port and make my cursor to be on the resources, the numbers do not show up but some weird characters and such...fixing is required.

I know i have complained like hell here, but These are the things that are needs to be fixed and to be improved.

Thank you for reading all this.

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